5 Best Ways For Women To Lose Belly Fat

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The Venus Factor
You can look like this

This here is a follow up to the Venus Factor, which, by the way, is a great way to lose weight. I hope if you get the chance that you will go back and read the review I did on the Venus Factor. There are other ways that Women can lose weight along with the Venus Factor. That is what I want to get into. These are easy to do without killing yourself trying. No one’s said that losing weight had to be hard.

It all starts in your head, being committed to wanting to lose that belly fat. Keeping a straight mind and not losing focus on what your goals are. Remember ladies, it all starts with a goal. That is the best way to start losing weight. Ask yourself, what do I want to accomplish? What will I do after I lose all this weight? how will I keep it off?

These will be my points that I will try and get to you lovely women:

  1. Add food, don’t subtract it
  2. You don’t have to work out
  3. Walking
  4. Work together
  5. Whole grains, fruits/veggies, and lean meat.

Add food, don’t subtract

healthy foods
Add this kind of foods to your diet

This is where a lot of women and people go wrong. They try and take food away. You know that you can’t go without and skip a meal. If you skip a meal, your body is just telling that, later on, you need more. So, in the long run, you start eating more to make up for that meal you skip. That is not good for you.

When I say to add food, I don’t mean to add food that is bad for you. Foods that are healthy and hearty for you. Especially for a snack. Grab some grapes, maybe even raisins. Stuff that does a body good. Low-fat yogurt is good for you, try eating that for a snack. So remember, grab great foods for yourself. You will thank yourself later for it.

You don’t have to workout

Woman working out
Get a little workout

You don’t have to workout to lose weight. Do what you do every day or once a week. Like Washing, the car maybe rides your bike around the neighborhood, throw the frisbee around. Even great sex. Sex will help you burn a lot of calories, that is guaranteed. So you see, tons of ways to lose weight without going out and pumping iron.

So ladies, don’t stress yourself out. Regular everyday activities will help you rid that belly fat. The worst thing you can do is stress you out over weight loss. Don’t even think about it and just do everyday things that get you moving. You will be proud of yourself after losing weight. Check these ways out, they are true facts.


Walking is for everybody. But ladies, go out and try it. Just walk around the neighborhood, take the dog for you or your kids. Go to a park, most parks have walking trails you can walk around. You can park the car away from the store instead of trying to find that close parking spot. That way you will have ways to walk to the entrance of a store. You can make walking fun.  Out of everything else I have or will mention, walking is by far the easiest way to burn calories.

Work together

Find some friends, go to a workout class together. it’s so much more fun if you are in a group. When you do things together, it tends to work better. You and your friends can get together and make some fun, healthy recipes. Make healthy choices together. You know that ladies, you love to gossip. So while telling those stories together, lose weight at the same time.

Whole grains, fruits/veggies, and lean meat

The best in veggies

Add whole grain foods to your diet. Start buying whole grain cereals, there are plenty of those. Buy some Whole wheat bread instead of that white bread you buy so often. Plus for some reasons, wheat bread just tastes better anyway. Instead of White flour, buy wheat flour. You can make the same things you make but instead, use wheat flour. Get some brown rice, might be a little more expensive than white rice, but you will thank yourself later.

You got to have your fruits and veggies. Stock up on some apples, oranges, plums and such fruits. They are juicing and taste great. You will want to eat them all the time. If you get vegetables, don’t get the can, try and get fresh vegetables.  Lean meat can help also, don’t have to be all that fat meat you buy all the time.

My Final Words

So you have it right there, this could be for anyone, but I wanted this to be a follow up to the Venus Factor. Get on that diet plan along with this and you can’t lose ladies.

I hope to hear from, please below leave me a comment and I’ll get back in touch with you. Thank you. Again, thank you for visiting me here at Losing Weight With Pat.



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  1. Walking is definitely a good tip! You wouldn´t expect it but walking can have a huge impact on your weight! In my opinion the best time to work is in the morning before work on an empty stomach.


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