Best Way To Lose Weight For Men, HIIT

Hello, welcome to Losing Weight With Pat. This is where you men can lose weight with a little hard training.

You might be asking yourself, HIIT, what is that? I’ll tell you what it is, High-Intensity Interval Training. So, men, I hope you are ready. This can work, this will work. You just have to have the right attitude and good discipline. It takes a lot of work, are you ready? This won’t be a very long post. In fact, it will be shorter than most. I just want to get to the point and let you men know, that with a little hard work, this is for you.

HIIT will help you lose weight and stay fit. In fact, this is probably the best thing you can do to stay looking younger and feeling good when you get older. I’m 48 and just started doing this. It’s hard right now, but it does get easier and become a habit, a lifestyle that I’m really starting to enjoy.

What is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Get a Great Workout

HIIT is an enhanced form of interval Training, an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with a less-intense recovery period. This might not be for everybody, but you should, at least, give it a try.

Since the 90’s, studies have shown that this is more effective at burning fat than slow cardio exercises. Studies also showed that people who have done this have lost far more than any other weight loss technique.

I’ll give some a few examples of the kind of Training is involved. At the end of this post, I’ll direct you to a site that has a 30 day HIIT you can follow.  They even have a stopwatch on the site so you can follow along. Trust me, you won’t regret this.

There are all kinds of exercises in this training. For example, you could do jumping jacks, Burpees, Box jumps, TRX pull-ups, Jump rope, Plank to Pushup, Medicine ball squat to overhead throw, medicine ball chest Pass, Treadmill incline sprints,  and there is lots more. When doing these, you should set a day and do a few of them. Start off small and increase on each day. You need to do these as fast as possible without much of a break. Do a certain amount and do 3 reps of each. Resting a minute in between reps. Each rep, you should increase how many you are doing.

Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training.

Push ups
Push-up is a plus

Some of the benefits of this sort of training are it’s really Efficient. What that means is quick, fast-paced and an organized way of losing fat and staying fit. The best part, like I said above you will burn fat.  That’s because you are doing these fast, giving your body more of a high-intensity workout. This kind of high-intensity training will make your heart healthier. You can do this sort of training without any kind of Equipment. You will definitely lose weight and not muscle. So that is a good thing if you are already muscular. Keep your physique. The High-Intensity Interval Training will increase your Metabolism. Anywhere you go you can do this type training. At the office during your lunch break or wherever. But let me remind you, this type training is very Challenging. But hey that is why I guess I like it. I like anything Challenging.


Jump rope
A little jump rope never hurts anyone.

I told you this was going to be a short and sweet post. I just wanted to get to the point of HIIT. Tell you what and how it can benefit you? Also, if you go this website. Darebee, you will find a 30-day challenge for this Training. You will find other Challenges and other great things to help lose weight if you are the kind of person who really likes to get at it. So check it out.

My Final Words

Now if anyway want to leave a comment, please. Let me know how I can help you on your journey to lose weight or any other question you may have.

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  1. Just watched a youtube video on HIIT. It was a cycling of about 5 different exercises, do for 30 secs and rest for 30 secs. Something like that. The two doing the routing were ripped and in great shape already. They had to quit after about the third set. Very intense.

  2. This sounds pretty good… I broke a knuckle 2 weeks ago from an accident, which kind of slowed down my work out routine, but when my knuckles heeled id be actually be interested in trying out the 30 day HIIT challenge at Thanks for introducing this to me

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