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Easy Tips To Lose Weight, True Facts

Easy tips to lose weight

Hello, welcome to Losing Weight With Pat. This is where you get a tip on weight loss.

     Today, I would like to give you some easy tips on how you can lose weight. These tips will get you started on your journey to losing weight. There are so many other tips, but I’ll give you 10 tips to get you started.

     Now you might be asking yourself, what are some steps that I’m just not thinking of that could help me lose weight? Some of these might seem far-fetched, but studies have shown these to work. 

Tips to lose weight
The more you have the less travel you will make

     Some of these will blow your mind, but you really can’t argue with the research. So let’s get started, 10 tips to lose weight, true facts.

01) Everyday chores 

That’s right just cleaning up the house or doing yard work. So instead of being lazy try and do the dishes, maybe vacuum the house. Did you know that even changing the TV channel can help you lose weight? Just doing everyday stuff around the house, you can burn up to 350 calories. 

02) Get your wife or partner to help out

You know it’s so hard to lose weight when your wife is scarfing down donuts or a cake. Sit down with her or him and let them know that you want to lose weight. They say you always have better results in anything you do when there are two of you.

So have them stop eating junk food and be the encouragement you need to lose all that belly fat. It will help a lot. Together you both can lose weight and eat better. 

03) Healthy meals and snacks along with a little exercise 

Some people wonder why they exercise but don’t really lose weight. I’ll tell you why, because you are still eating junk and a lot of fats that’s why. Exercise alone doesn’t cut it unless you are eating healthy.

healthy meals
Eat healthy

Try to eat 3 healthy meals and 2 healthy snacks. If you read my last post about Paleo diet, then you shouldn’t have any problem eating healthy. In the Paleo cookbook is nothing but easy to make delicious meals.

 If you should go out to eat either find a healthy restaurant to eat at, which will be hard to do because just about everything is fast food, buy a salad and drink some water for your drink. 

04) Look for that hidden sugar

Watch your sugar intake

 Sometimes, even though a label doesn’t say it has sugar doesn’t mean it doesn’t. Look at some of the other ingredients. You will be amazed how this can fool the consumer. I mean you see something that has corn syrup in it then that means it has sugar.

05) Water

Drink more water

There is that magic word again, water. Yes, I’ll talk about water in a lot of my posts. I believe in the consumption of water. Water makes you full, drinking before meals and maybe even drink it during meals. You won’t eat as much. I can pretty much guarantee that.

06) Walking

Walking is very good for weight loss

There is another thing I preach a lot about. Walking. This time, I want to approach it a different way. Now what I’m about to say might seem like a lot, but it will be worth it. In fact, you can build up to this point. Try the 10,000 step challenge. Yes, you can burn up to 400 calories by doing this. Besides walking has a lot of health benefits anyway.

07) Green tea

Green tea
Green tea is great for you

Try drinking green tea. Green tea can help with weight loss. It contains a group of polyphenols (antioxidants) known as catechins. Green tea can prevent the accumulation of fat cells. Also, green tea can help fight colds and is very healthy for you. I drink it all the time and love it.

08) Coffee

Coffee can curve your eating habits

If you are a coffee drinker, drink it black. Don’t put any sugar in it. Plus it gets the full taste of coffee when you don’t add anything to it. That’s how I drink my coffee. Since I’m in the health scene I don’t drink as much coffee as I use to. Moderately drinking coffee is not bad for you. It’s when you overdo it.

09) Chew more

This may seem impossible but chew more instead of gulping your food down like I use to. It gives the food time to digest. Studies have shown that average eating people chew 15 times while obese people chew 12 times. Might not look like a difference but it is. Also, it will slow down your eating.

10) Don’t skip meals

 I wanted to save this one for last. This is something that I use to be guilty of. You know that when you skip meals your body craves more and higher calories. That is something you don’t want. Even if you are not hungry at the moment, try to, at least, eat something. I find that when I use to skip meals that at dinner time I would eat like a pig. After I feel so full like I just gain about 20 lbs.

So you really should eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks in between. Make sure when you eat a snack that it is a healthy snack.

My Final Words

So remember some of this easy technique to weight loss. You might benefit from them.

Please leave a comment if you would like more ways or if you want me to help. I always hear to listen.

Again, thank you for visiting me here at Losing Weight With Pat.




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  1. Love your easy tips n losing weight, will be sure to get my girlfriend out and exercise more after reading your post. Your site clearly highlights the importance of working out and diet. Will look into the Paleo diet and use more of their recipes. Again your site is extremely helpful.

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