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Foods Not To Eat When Losing Weight……….The Top 20 To Stay Away From

Hello, Welcome to Losing Weight With Pat. Today’s topic will be in the top 20 foods not to eat when trying to losing weight.

I’m gonna change things up with this post. I’ll always give you tips and the kinds of foods to eat when losing weight. This post will be a list post. The kinds of food you don’t need when trying to shed that belly fat.

There are a lot of foods to stay away from. I’m going to give you a list of the top 20 to stay clear of. Losing weight is hard enough. But with a good diet and exercise, anything is possible.

Top 20 Foods Not To Eat

01)White Rice: Unlike brown rice, white rice can process quickly which will likely send your blood sugar soaring. This can result in an energy crash. Also, this will give you cravings to want to eat more unhealthy foods. So stick to brown rice.

Diet Colkes
Diet cokes are not as good as you think

02)Diet Soda: Did you know that the artificial sweeteners in diet soda have been shown to actually cause weight gain. People think that they are doing their body a favor by switching to diet sodas, try not drinking them and see that you will lose a few pounds and not feel so bloated.

03)Canned Soup: Soup lasts almost forever because they are loaded with sodium.Foods being high in sodium your body has a hard time determining when it is full. This may cause you to wanting to eat even after dinner.

04)Frozen meals: Frozen meals are the same as can soup. They are loaded with salt to preserve them longer. This also can cause you to actually want to eat more because your body does not know when it’s full.

05)Low-Fat Foods: Yes, that is right low-fat foods can actually make you gain more weight. people tend to eat more when they are eating foods with less fat. Food makers might be moving more of the fat, but they add more sugar to its food. This makes the products even worse for you.

Grapes are great and juicy, but not for weight loss

06)Alcohol: Alcohol is not good if you are trying to lose weight. Alcohol contains empty calories that don’t fill you up. This could cause you to overeat and it will impair your judgment when it comes to your weight loss goals.

07)Grapes: Even though grapes are healthy they are high in sugar. This can cause you to want to eat more of your favorite sugary snacks.

08)Fruit Juices: Fruit juices sound good and healthy, doesn’t it. But they are loaded with sugar. If you want to drink fruit juices, use fresh fruits of the vine.

09)Artificial Sweeteners: A lot of time you are told to use artificial sweeteners as opposed to real sugar thinking it will help you with weight loss. Think again. They actually promote weight gain so it’s best just to stay away from them. Do like me, don’t worry about it and drink your coffee black.

10)Canned Fruit: Can fruit is loaded with tons and tons of sugar. Best just to stay away from them. But if these are what you crave, at least, get them in light syrup or eat fresh fruits grown on the vine. That is the best way to go. Really it is.

White Rice
White rice is not good for weight loss

11)Deli Meats: Deli meats is another food that is loaded with sodium. That’s because they want them to last longer. So even though you get lean turkey and ham you are not doing your body any favors. So buy them unprocessed and cook them yourselves. Also, slice them yourselves.

12)Just About All Salad Dressings: So you eating a healthy salad, that makes you so proud because you are not feeding your body a bunch of fats. Thank again, when you loading up on that high-fat high-calorie dressing. That alone will gain your weight. Try sticking with olive oil and vinegar. At least, get a low-calorie dressing if you do get the regular dressing.

13)Tomato Sauce: Tomatoes are great for you. But when you get them in sauces, they are loaded with sugar and salt. So your best option would be to make the sauce yourself or get brands that have less amount of the substances you want in your diet.

14)Boxed Meals: Even though they are easy to cook and contain healthy ingredients, boxed meals are loaded with a lot of different salts to make them taste good after you cook them. It’s best to cook with natural fresh ingredients.

15)Tuna in Oil: Even though tuna has a good amount of Vitamin C, manganese, and zinc, the oil that they are packed in contains a lot of fats. You could do like me, get tuna that is packed in water.

White Bread
Homemade White Bread with Honey

16)Pickles: Pickles are low in fat and are low in calorie. The problem is they are loaded with salt and is very high in sodium. If you really can’t live without, then cut up some cucumbers and add vinegar. You will get the same great taste.

17)Ketchup: People don’t really think much about Ketchup, but ketchup is full of salt and sugar. So when you are trying to lose weight, this could make it double trouble for you.

18)Whole Wheat Pasta: Whole wheat pasta may sound great for losing weight. But think again. They are high in carbohydrates, that will digest into sugar in the body. So the next time you want some Whole Wheat Pasta, thinks about it before you buy it.

19)White Bread: People don’t think twice about eating white bread because it’s a staple in most pastries. But truth be told, white bread contains a lot of sugar and it doesn’t keep you satisfied. This will make you eat more.

20)Soy Sauce: People think that soy sauce is an option to other sauces. But the truth be told. They might be low in calories, but they are high in sodium which will leave you feeling bloated. So again, think twice when using soy sauce.

These are the top 20 foods to avoid when trying to lose weight. Some of these might seem like smart choices but think again. That’s why I always say, read the labels. See what they put into these foods.

My Final Words

We are not perfect. We indulge in foods we shouldn’t be consuming. So much of the foods today are loaded with sugar and salt. That’s just a fact we have to live with. It’s up to us as consumers to make better choices.

Thank you for visiting Losing Weight With Pat. If you have any concerns or questions please leave them below. I love to hear suggestions from people and to hear from your weight loss goals. So talk to me.


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  1. Hi Pat, I just happened by one of your pages and wanted to comment on what a great site you have! Your top 20 foods to stay away from list is EXCELLENT, and I really like how you’ve touched on the artificial soda piece… many aren’t aware that things like high fructose corn syrup and aspartame aren’t recognized as food by our bodies and can have some detrimental effects, so great to see you’re bringing this knowledge to the forefront of consciousness for the masses. Keep up the great work, will be back again! Best, WZ

  2. Thanks for the article. There were several things I wouldn’t have thought to avoid like ketchup and pickles. I do also keep canned soup on hand, but try to buy the low sodium variety.
    Giving up grapes may be a stretch, but everything in moderation!

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