Foods To Help Lose Belly Fat, My 5 Favorite

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Do you ever wonder what kinds of foods can help you lose weight? I know I do. I still search for good healthy foods to either help me lose a little more weight or help me to maintain my weight. Foods that are good for you.

There are certain foods that can help you lose weight but still not good for the body. When I first started out on my own and started going to grocery store, I never paid much attention to nutritional charts. But that has all changed over the years. I read them all the time, even in the vegetable section, you can still find some kind of nutritional charts. Well anyway, I would like to give you my top 5 foods that are good for you and will help you slim down a little.

01) Grape tomatoes

Grape tomatoes
The will make a splash in your mouth

 My 1st choice is grape tomatoes. You can eat them in a salad or eat them by themselves. I love to just pop them in my mouth. The 1st bite, hhhhhhhmmmmmmm the way the splash in your mouth when you bite into them.

Besides the taste, 1 cup of grape tomatoes only has 27 calories. They also have 1.8 grams of fiber, 6 grams of complex carbohydrates and 1 gram of protein.

Tomatoes will go with just about anything. You can cook them in a lot of foods, eat them by themselves or eat them on the go. Also, Grape Tomatoes are good vegetables fight against cancer. Just a fact I wanted to throw in there. So the next time you go grocery shopping,  pick up some delicious grape tomatoes. There are a lot of benefits for eating grape tomatoes. You will not be disappointed. They are just fabulous. 

02) Cucumbers

Great chopped up in a SaladCucumbers would be my next choice. You know, growing up I never really cared too much for cucumbers. Now I really enjoy them.

At 1st I would eat them in salads and some sandwiches, now I can eat them by themselves. Great food that will help you with weight loss and they are very good for you. Cucumbers only have 8 calories for half of the cup.  

Also, Cucumbers have 0.06 grams of fat and less the 1 gram of sugar. It’s a good source of vitamin K with  8.5 micrograms. That’s for a half cup serving. They are delicious and a water base vegetable with 50 grams of water per serving.

I hope this is getting your taste buds wild.  Oh yeah. So try them out. Slice them up and enjoy.

03) Grapefruit

Grape fruit
They taste great

Grapefruit is another food that I was not too crazy about growing up. Now I love them, they taste great and very juicy.  Grapefruit is another good source of food to help lose weight and keep the weight off.

Grapefruit is refreshing and very juicy to keep you hydrated. For a half of slice, they have 52 calories. Think about it, that is not that bad. The total fat in grapefruit is only 0.2 grams and it’s a good source of vitamin A with 28% and vitamin C with 64%. So throw that in your cart the next time you go grocery shopping.  You will love it.

04) Frozen Cherries

Freeze them, they will be great and last a long time.

 Frozen Cherries are another great choice for a snack and to help you slim down. They taste great and eating frozen cherries can prolong your snack time. Being frozen, you can stretch out your snack time.

1 cup of cherries only has 71 calories, which is pretty outstanding in itself. Only 0.68 grams of fat. This is a great choice, they are sweet and taste fantastic. So throw them in your shopping cart and enjoy.

05) Whole grain sandwich thins

 Next food that is good for you and better than regular bread is Whole grain sandwich thins. For lunch, you could make a turkey or chicken sandwich except for use thins instead. It’s only 100 calories and has no saturated fat or cholesterol. Also, it’s high in fiber. So next time you want to make a sandwich grab the thins.

There you have it just a few of the kinds of food that you eat to help slim down a little. I thought I would put a few other nutritional information in there so you can see what you are feeding your body. Besides eating to lose weight, you also want to eat to get all the nutrition your body needs.

My Final Words

Start adding these foods to your diet. Eat right and get a little exercise. You will be amazed what you can accomplish.

Thank you for visiting me at Losing Weight With Pat. Please leave a comment if there might be any other foods you want to know about that can help you lose weight or if you have a question.



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