It’s Time, Lose Weight With Healthy Eating

Hello,  welcome to Losing Weight With  Pat. I’m starting a new series about healthy eating. First, though we will be discussing healthy eating for Breakfast.

We all want to lose some kind of weight. It all starts when you get up in the morning. I’ve discovered great breakfast recipes E-Book. It’s part of the Paleo diet. People struggle with breakfast. Wondering what to eat or if they even have time to eat breakfast. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I’ll go into as much detail as I can without boring you. I’ll put out the most important information for you so you can decide if you want to try the Paleo diet. So hang on and jump aboard the losing weight with Pat train and let’s get started.

Paleo Breakfast Recipes 

The Paleo Breakfast Recipes. The name speaks for itself. These recipes are quick, easy and they are very delicious. They are defiantly 100% Paleo.

I’m still guilty of this, sometimes I do skip breakfast. That is not a smart choice to make. Skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you start your day eating a good and healthy breakfast, the rest of the day will all come together. These recipes will help you accomplish your eating goals.

Paleo Breakfast
Try something new for breakfast

One way to accomplish this is to try getting up about 15 or 20 minutes earlier in the morning. That way you can think about what you want to chow down for breakfast. just boot your computer up or bring up the Paleo Recipes and see what you want to fix. Like I said they are easy and quick to make.

It is easy to pull out a bowl and some sugary cereal. But after that, you will have an unproductive and dissatisfying day. But when you eat a healthy breakfast you will find that your day will be more satisfying.

This book is filled with more than a 100 pages of breakfast recipes that will inspire you to try these. There are stunning pics that will set your stomach on fire to get a taste. There are so many recipes that you will never get bored of eating these. Try a different one every day. Depending one time, you can cook whatever will fit you for that day.

Here is a list of categories this book has to offer:

  1. Quick and easy recipes
  2. Grab and go breakfast
  3. No time breakfast
  4. Child-friendly breakfast
  5. Vegetarian and Vegan breakfast recipes
  6. Drinkable breakfast
  7. Egg-free breakfast recipes
  8. Primal breakfast recipes
  9. Paleo version of SAD breakfast
  10. Something fancy

And much more.

So, as you can see, there is something for everyone when eating from the Paleo Diet. Isn’t that great? You need to get your hands on this book, it is a great way to start your day.


This digital book is a great deal. It’s priced at $47.00. But if you order it now, you can get it for only $17.00. There is no telling when this book will go up to take advantage of the price and order today.

Paleo Brakfast
Here are some great breakfast ideas

Don’t worry, this comes with a 100% money-back guaranteed. That’s right. If in the next 60 days you are not satisfied, you can get your money back. No questions asked.

Here is what 2 people had to say about this great book:

  • “I’d really missed porridge, but the paleo version is even better!” Alan Jones, Sydney
  • “I have really busy mornings and don’t have time to cook in the mornings. The Paleo Breakfast Recipe Book has given me lots of great options that have given me an extra hours sleep every morning!” Jo Friedman, Perth

You could be the person saying these things after you try these great recipes. So jump on board of the Paleo train.

My Final Words

There is so much to say about the Paleo Diet. I will be sharing them with you in the near future. Next, I’ll discover Paleo for lunch. There is Paleo for every eating occasion.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them.

Thank you again for visiting Losing Weight With Pat.



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