Lose Weight In 10 Days, Eat These Fruits

Hello, welcome to Losing Weight With Pat. This is where you learn the importance of fruit in your diet.

The best snacks to have.

Losing weight is easy and can be fun if you are living right. That means exercise like I wrote in my last post and also eating right.  This post will give you an idea of the kind of fruits you should be eating:

  1. Coconut
  2. Grapefruit
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Apples 
  5. Bananas
  6. Strawberries
  7. Kiwi

Besides Losing weight,  these fruits will give you more energy during the day. Also, some of these can burn fat.

Plus, these fruits are the best of all fruits, I’ll save my favorite for last.


Coconut is great and they taste great. They are more of an island fruit.  To the islanders, Coconut is more of a delicacy.

Coconut is rich in medium chain triglycerides which increase the liver’s rate of metabolism. The great thing about eating Coconut is they keep you full and you will less likely to snack on junk food and other such snacks.

A great weight loss fat

One tiny ounce of coconut meat carries 185 calories, which 80% (151 calories) comes from fat. You can use Coconut oil to cook your food which is good for weight loss. Also, try putting Coconut oil butter on a bagel, the taste is amazing.

Like the Islanders, use Coconut based food and eat as a snack. You will fall in love with how great they taste.


Studies say that Grapefruit is great for weight food. At John Hopkins University, those who ate  Grapefruit shed almost 20 lbs in 13 weeks. That’s without changing their diets. So think what go could do in 10 days if you changed your diet just a little.

If you drink Grapefruit Juice makes it fresh.

If you don’t like eating Grapefruit (they are sour). You can drink it instead. Dieticians say that Grapefruit should be a part of our diets. Also, Grapefruit can help you not gain as much weight if you didn’t drink it. Grapefruit can also keep blood sugar level in check.

Add more Grapefruit juice and cut down on the calorie you eat for every meal.

1 cup of Grapefruit juice has 96 calories, only 0.2 grams of fat. That is amazing. Also, Grapefruit juice is loaded up with Vitamins.

So try drinking Grapefruit juice before every meal. At least for Lunch and Dinner, still drink Coconut or fat-free milk for breakfast. I would recommend the Coconut milk.


Tomatoes are a great source of a fast fat burning fruit. It has Carnitine in it, that speeds the body’s fat-burning capacity by one-third. Now, this might have stumped you. Is tomato a fruit? Tomatoes have seeds, therefore, that makes it a fruit.

Tomatoes taste great.

Once again, if you don’t like eating Tomatoes, let Tomato juice be an alternative. You can lose an inch off your waistline in no time drinking Tomato juice. Tomatoes can play a keyword in controlling weight gain.

1 medium tomato only has 22 calories in them. Again, amazing 0.2 grams of fat just like Grapefruit. Not as much Protein but it has enough.

Let me recommend eating the salad tomatoes. Their small and taste really good. Eat them for a snack and rotate between Tomato juice and Grapefruit.


The best fruit for losing weight.

Apple’s, what can I say about Apple’s? Everybody or at least almost everybody eats Apple’s.

Apple’s are probably the best fruit to lose weight with. I take an Apple to work almost every day. They consider Apple’s to be part of the superfruit. Being high in fiber and low in calories.


one Medium apple has 95 calories. It has only 0.3 grams of fat. Not that bad.

So remember to eat an Apple when hungry for a snack. Great alternative to all that junk you eat.


Again, this is probably one of the most popular fruit.  Bananas are great. They are one of my favorite fruit. High in fiber and potassium will help you with weight loss. They are high in vitamin B6 by 30% of the recommended daily amount. B6 will help boost your immunity and lower your risk of heart disease.

Another fruit that is very good for you

For breakfast, eat a banana. Bananas will make you full. At least, they do me. I drink milk and a Banana for breakfast most of the time.

A little higher in calories, one medium banana has 105 calories and 0.4 grams of fat.

So put down the toast, cereal or bagel. Drink a glass of fat-free milk and a banana for breakfast. It will pay off in the long run.


Strawberries are another great fruit. Thier juicy and great tasting. Strawberries have a production of the hormones adiponectin and leptin. Both of these are fat-burning hormones and metabolic boosters.

Great tasting fruit

Strawberries can slow the rate of digestion of starchy food. This will help to raise blood sugar. They also can help your weight-reducing hormones to function properly.

One medium strawberry has 4 calories and 0 grams of fat. This is outstanding for Strawberries.

So eat Strawberries for a snack and also with most of your meals. Just add a few Strawberries.


I don’t buy many Kiwis, this again is an Islander fruit. When I do buy these, they taste great. I love them. You think about it, I might start putting Kiwi on my shopping list. I really enjoy eating them.

Kiwi is filled with a lot of fibers. This is great for weight loss. Don’t worry about the black seeds found in Kiwi. they are just a great dose of insoluble fiber, which aids in digestion. These little fruits can make you full, staying away from that junk you eat.

Taste these little babies, they have a sour good punch.

One Kiwi has 42 calories and only 0.4 grams of fat. Also, boost your energy level up as do most if not all the fruits you eat.

Add a few Kiwis to your diet and enjoy them.

My Final Words

Remember, next to the exercises you are doing you need to add fruit to your diet. They are good and have a lot of other benefits.

I want to hear from you, so please leave me a comment on this post and any other post here at losing weight with Pat.





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  1. Like your new blog. I didn’t realize these 10 fruits help you lose weight. I eat bananas, tomatoes at least a couple times a week (not daily…me bad I guess), but I do like apples, kiwi and strawberries just didn’t know that they also helped one loose weight and I don’t eat them very often but maybe I will start. I really never tried fresh coconut(not sure if we can get it here in Texas or not).
    Anyway, like what I see so will be bookmarking this so I can always come back to it.
    thanks for some great information.

  2. I love this article! I am into fitness myself and the information you have here will help me out tremendously! I will definitely be looking forward to more content.

    Thank you.

  3. Great to hear that somebody else considers tomato a fruit! This is really useful because we’re told by whoever can force us to listen that fruit is nothing but sugar these days! The enemy seems to change from month to month. So it’s really refreshing to see a pro-fruit position being taken. Love this page. Well done.

  4. Good information to those wants to lose weight.Nice job love for giving great idea.Yes, two days in a row I started eating fruits.grapefruit in the morning .:-):-):-)

  5. Hello, Patrick! Your website offers a wealth of information on food for weight loss, exercises, and products. I appreciate that you offer reviews, and have advertising on your page to products that you recommend. It’s a great way to earn a little pocket change, too. I especially like that you have different pages for men and for women in weight loss as it is not unknown that our bodies are different and require different attention to reach various end goals. I myself need to look into healthier living options as I do like my sweets a bit much, and someday will suffer the inevitable slowing down of the metabolism. I wont have this body forever, so it’s time to take care of myself now.

    Can you offer a page for using these super foods in a daily diet and meal plan to make eating right a little more appealing? I’m a really picky eaten, and hate almost everything. I’ve been struggling to eat right because it isn’t as appealing as the junk food alternative, and making food fun is hard. Thanks!

    Keep up the great work! I’ll definitely be coming back!

    1. My next post is going to be on eating fish. But you gave me a great idea. I will create another page. It will put a diet plan into action.If you like to eat sweet, they Paleo Diet it perfect. It has great recipes for snack food.

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