Top 25 Proven Ways To Lose Weight

Hello, welcome to Losing Weight With Pat. Today’s topic will be on 25 proven ways for you to lose weight.

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You can lose weight, follow these tips

We are now in  March of 2016. 3 months after the new year. Let me ask you. Did you set new year goals? Make a new year resolution? Are you keep up with it or are you slipping up?  Don’t worry if you have fallen off the path. It’s time to get back up on that horse and continue what you have tried so hard to accomplish.

We need to all work together. Find a friend that will help you accomplish your goal of losing weight. It all works better when you have support. Somebody who will help you. After you read this post, share it with a friend. Have them support you in whichever way you choose.

25 Tips To Lose Weight

There are more than 25 tips to help with weight loss. But I will give you 205 tips you should know to get you started. I want to build your self-esteem up. Give you confidence and help you with weight loss.

Let these 25 tips be your guide:

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  1. Put away the scale-The biggest problem is, you try too hard. You don’t need to weigh yourself to lose weight. That’s all that does is worry you, on why you are not losing weight. Just cut back, instead of ordering an entree, order 2 appetizers. If you eat pasta, cut back on the bread.
  2. Stash fruits-That’s right. Keep fruit where you can get a hold of them. Like at work. Take fruit with you so in the middle of the afternoon when you craving chocolate, grab some fruit.
  3. Take a before photo-Taking a photo can help. As you are losing weight, just look at the photo. That should be enough of an encouragement to keep at it. It makes you fill good when looking in a mirror and seeing yourself now and compare it to the photo.
  4. Water-Don’t confuses your hunger with thirst. A lot of people do this. You don’t want to eat unnecessary calories. When instead you just needed a glass of cold water. So start drinking more water.
  5. Eat mini-meals-Instead of just eating when you are hungry, eat mini meals. Studies found that people are better at counting calories when you eat less. Eat mini meals. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, midday snack, and Dinner.
  6. Protein for every meal0-Protein foods will fill you up more and you won’t consume as many calories. So before you prepare a meal, check and make sure you are getting all your proteins.
  7. What you should not eat-You need to avoid as much as possible, oily and too much spicy foods. Stay away from sugar also.
  8. Don’t drink calories-Cut out drinks that have calories. That includes a lot of the soda’s you drink. Alcohol is included in this. Heck, drink more water.
  9. Think of the change in lifestyle-You should not just think of your short weight loss goals. Make this an important decision about changing the way you live. That means when you change the way you eat, stay on it.
  10. Set goals to keep yourself a motivated-Making goal is a great idea. I believe that is what keeps us motivated in things we are doing. Losing weight is one way. Write down your goals on why you want to lose weight. Stick to the goals and look back through them often.

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  11. Tool to keep track weight loss-Keep a journal handing. About 2or 3 days a week, write down your progress as you start losing weight. This will help you track and errors that you are trying, but not working. Help yourself to discover what does work.
  12. Spice it up-This surprised me when I found out spice can actually help you lose weight. By giving your food a flavor boost, this will help you to be satisfied. By adding flavor to your foods can stimulate your taste buds and this will be more satisfying. You won’t eat as much. This is a great way to control how much you eat.
  13. Stock you kitchen that’s right, put healthy meals and snacks in your refrigerator and pantry. Knowing you have these foods at home will ease the temptation of stopping at a fast food restaurant. There are easy to cook healthy meals you can get to. That way you don’t have to try and cook every night.
  14. Include fiber in your diet-Fiber aids digestion, k[revents constipation, and lowers cholesterol. Also, fiber can help in your quest for weight loss. In women, their intake should be 24 grams of fiber. In men, they should get 38 grams daily. So, include oatmeal, beans, whole grain foods, nuts, and most fruits and vegetables.
  15. Clear out cupboards-The first thing you need to do is clear your kitchen with all the fattening foods you have in your cupboards. Throw them out and replace with healthy alternatives.
  16. Understand portion size-There are plenty of places on the internet that can help you with portion size. Control how many servings you eat per meal.

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  17. Keep a food diary-Write down how much you eat per meal. That way if you are not losing the weight that you hope for, you that you are consuming.
  18. Order children’s portions if you eat out-If you do go to a fast food restaurant, order a child size. That way you won’t eat as many calories as you need.
  19. Watch one hour less of TV-This may sound strange but it’s true. 76 undergraduate students found that when they watch TV they were more likely to eat. So cut an hour out and do something else. Take a walk instead.
  20. Clean-Do some housework. If you were to scrub or clean for 30 minutes, you could lose approximately 120 calories.
  21. Wait until your stomach rumbles-Before you start eating, wait until your stomach rumbles. People eat when they are bored, stressed out or other impulse eating. Find something else to do. When your stomach rumbles, then you are hungry.
  22. Toss your fat clothes away-That’s right, once you see that you are losing weight, throw them fat clothes away. You won’t need them anymore. Once you lose weight, you will want to stay the way you are.
  23. Eat water-rich foods-If you eat these kinds of foods, you will eat fewer calories. Therefore, you are more likely to lose weight. Some of these foods include Zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, soups, and salads.
  24. Eat cereal for breakfast-Studies have found that those who eat cereals will consume more fiber and calcium and will be eating less fat. You will be less likely to be obese and have diabetes than those who eat other breakfast items.
  25. Get most of your calories before noon-If possible, you should try and get your calories before noon. The reason for this is that you are most likely not to eat as much for dinner. Plus, it’s easier to burn off morning calories than after dinner. 

These are just tips that can help you with weight loss. Try some or all of these ways.

My Final Words

25 tips for losing weight. That is what I have just written for you. Try them out. After all, it doesn’t hurt anything to try these. You’re not paying to do these. They are just simple tips to get you started and set your mind straight on losing weight.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. I love to hear from everybody. Thank you for visiting Losing Weight With Pat.


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